Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A busy new year already

If the next couple of weeks are any indication of what 2008 will be like for us, it will be busy!

Tomorrow we have our first phone consultation regarding purchasing a small (read: miniscule) apartment in Paris.

On Thursday, Jeff is meeting with the cabinet and granite people to see how much money they're going to give us off the granite they put in--as you know, it was the wrong one. Mary has a feeling that they are going to attempt to tell him it IS the one we chose. No way!

A couple of days later, Mary is going on a conference call regarding a new type of French bank loan designed to help Americans deal successfully with the horrible exchange rate when buying French property.

Then on Jan. 10, we're going to a private sale for Columbia University employees of pianos that the music department is, well, discarding. Believe it or not, they replace the pianos EVERY SINGLE YEAR. So we'll see what kind of deals they are offering. Exciting times ahead ...

(A little later this month, we're going to see a Tom Stoppard play, "Rock 'n' Roll." We'll offer our review, of course!)

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