Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another movie review ...

The three of us went to see "Sweeney Todd" last night ... and by the way, the weather felt like a summer evening in San Luis Obispo, almost like Santa Ana winds. It was great! Didn't even need our coats. And today, the temperature is 62 degrees. Not bad for January in NYC.

Anyway, the movie was ... well, let's just say they didn't scrimp on the blood and gore. The more Mary thought about the movie today, the less she liked it. After all, the story can't possibly take itself too seriously, and many of the lyrics are actually rather funny. But there was hardly a wink of humor in the movie. And the characters never really became anything more than one-dimensional figures, even with the ample talents of Depp, Carter and Rickman.

OK, it's definitely a tragedy. But even Hamlet has some comedy in it, folks.

So after sleeping on it, Mary would give it a pretty hearty thumbs down. Thumbs up for the cinematography and set design, as well as for the very young boy who sang beautifully and nearly upstaged the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, Rachel is going like gangbusters in her photography class. She managed to use Mom's old SLR film camera to great effect on her first 3 rolls, and she's actually printing the photos herself in the darkroom (in color, no less). This has been a really wonderful experience for her so far: creative as well as educational.

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Carolyn Thomas said...

We are enjoying your comments while at Pismo Coast Village! Went to Solvang today & will go up toward Morro Bay tomorrow. Love reading your blog. Love to you from Ted & Carolyn.