Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a day!

Yesterday was a busy one around here, with the movers arriving with the rest of our beloved belongings. We are now surrounded by towers of boxes and face the challenge of putting together our Ikea bedroom furniture again. Should be easier the second time around, right? At least, that's been true with our marriage ... :-)

It's supposed to be a blustery day here today, with some snow flurries later on. Wonder if it will snow on Christmas? That would be awesome!

Will post some photos as soon as we can uncover the little camera ... it's around here somewhere!

So far, though, we already feel like we are home. It's so much quieter here, and the commute is simple, simple, simple: a brief walk to the subway station, and then just one subway train for about 20-25 minutes.

Yesterday, Mary was surprised to see a guy smoking on the subway. Guess he felt since part of the ride was outdoors and not in a tunnel, it was OK? Every once in awhile, he would open up the door between the cars to spew some smoke and cigarette butt. It takes all kinds.

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