Monday, December 31, 2007

Should we or shouldn't we ...

So it's about 5:30 pm, and we are contemplating whether or not to go in the direction of Times Square tonight. Rachel and a bunch of her friends are going--probably there already--but of course, we would never be able to find them!

We thought we MIGHT take the subway down to 59th Street and see the view down Broadway from there (Times Square is at 42nd Street).

But we are undecided. Luckily the weather isn't bad--breezy and high 30s, could be worse--but we just aren't sure if we really, truly want to brave the elements on our first New Year's in New York.

We'll keep you posted on what we decide to do. (As of 8:30, we're not going anywhere. Jeff is ill with something. But not too ill to send you the link to his video interview on ESPN. Look at the first guy interviewed here).

Saw "I Am Legend" today. It was really weird seeing New York deserted ... now, all movies that portray NYC as deserted or destroyed seem strange, because we walk outside and we're in the exact spot where the movie takes place! We recognized all the neighborhoods Will Smith patrolled in the movie, especially where his apartment was located, since it's the same neighborhood where Rachel lived last year. And, she saw Will Smith while he was filming some scenes there last year.

Also of note, if you see the movie, when he says he'll be at the South Street Seaport every day, that's right across the street from Rachel's current dorm. Cool!

Happy New Year, everyone ... wherever you may be.

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