Saturday, December 29, 2007

Resale clothing, Thai food, and a movie review

Yesterday, Mary and Rachel went to Williamsburg, a section of Brooklyn, to visit some resale clothing stores. Had lots of fun looking through the racks, and Rachel found several cute items. We ended up spending $50 for 5 tops--much cheaper than normal retail prices, that's for sure.

Also had fun looking in a "junk" store at old record players and some lovely china and furniture. Rachel is already decorating her first apartment in her imagination ...

Williamsburg is an interesting place. It's definitely not "there" yet, but it shows signs of being up-and-coming: some nice little restaurants and shops, new apartment buildings being constructed. There is quite a bit of graffiti, which makes the place feel pretty rough around the edges. But the streets themselves are clean, and it doesn't feel unsafe. In a few years, it will probably be the hot place to live--and it's a really short commute to Manhattan.

We enjoyed lunch at a Thai restaurant called Sea. Fun ambience, decent food for the price. The bathrooms are ... unusual: two female and two male "pods" that you step into to use the toilet. The sink is a round communal one in the middle of the pods.

Jeff got off work early, so the three of us met at the Regal theater near Union Square to see "Atonement." Split vote: Jeff liked it very much; Rachel and Mary did not--at all. Found out that the two of us actually had the same thought, of leaving in the middle of the movie! The professional critics seem to like it, so maybe we missed something ...

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