Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quick post from snowy New York

OK, so LAST night was actually our last night in Union City, NJ. Today, we finished moving all the little stuff, and the cats, into the new apartment in Riverdale. Hooray! Tomorrow, we supervise the movers as they take boxes, our sofa, our wardrobe and bed up here for us.

Hopefully the weather will be better than today--although it hasn't been windy, it's definitely been cold and snowy. There is about an inch or so of snow on the ground. The drive to the Bronx from Union City was easy, though: no real traffic, and it wasn't snowing or raining. Just cold.

So now, we're ready to collapse onto our air mattress, since our real mattress won't be here until tomorrow. The kitchen is not finished yet, either. We do have a working refrigerator and a microwave, but that's it. The cabinets are in place but not quite finished (doors not adjusted, no knobs, some doors still missing), the countertop is not here yet, the sink isn't in, the stove isn't ready ... So it will probably be at least another week or more before everything's fully functional. But they're doing a good job, and that's what counts!

Anyway, we'll post some photos soon, so stay tuned for the next segment of Jeff and Mary's Excellent Adventure ... in the Bronx!

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