Thursday, December 13, 2007

Messy weather and ... our granite arrived

First of all, the weather today SUCKED. It snowed, and then it sleeted--if that's a word. The sidewalks are absolutely treacherous. Even normally speedy New Yorkers slowed down to avoid falling and breaking legs, arms, heads.

And ... our granite countertops were installed in the kitchen today. Jeff and Mary came home and had a strange sight before we turned on the lights. Hmmm ... looks a little dark in there.

We turn on the lights and, sure enough, the granite isn't what we ordered! We had ordered sort of a golden brown with dark brown and ivory flecks--imagine golden wood except in granite form, and that's the color.

Here's about what it looked like:

What we got, instead, is a very, very dark brown that matches our floor, flecked with a slightly less dark brown. Maybe a coppery color?

Something like this:

OK, so Mary decided not to freak out. Even though it's exactly the granite we DID NOT want when we saw it at the store.

She's freaking out a little.

(And a minor thing: The beautiful faucet we bought in the kitchen section at Home Depot is, according to our super/contractor, actually made for a bathroom! He's going to try and make it work anyway, but that may have to go back, as well.)

In the perspective of life, of course, all of this is meaningless. But it's frustrating when we physically went to the granite supplier and picked out the actual slab and had the guy mark it with our name! And now we get the wrong stuff.

Our plan is to tell them, Look, we'll keep it, but you gotta give us a discount on the price.

What do you think? Good tactic?


Trisha Oksner said...

I think at the very LEAST you could ask for a discount. At the very MOST, they ought to give you the granite you picked out! Having old old old countertops (the cheap formica kind) I've no idea how realistic it is to uninstall granite, but it isn't what you ordered!

Good luck!

Carolyn Thomas said...

Is someone color blind or what?? Your countertop is probably resting in someone else's kitchen. Stick to what you want. If not, you will most likely regret it. Afterall, it is your kitchen.

Doesn't this just make us want to rush out and do major work on our house?

Love you guys. :>)

Bonnie said...

I agree with Carolyn-unless you get a HUGE discount. I really like what you had picked out, much more interesting. If I settle for second best, I usually regret it and can't stop thinking about the other choice.