Saturday, December 8, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

We seem to have forgotten how much work it is to move, especially when half your furniture needs to be put together again, you have very little storage, and the kitchen isn't finished.

This morning, we encountered another minor problem: our shower doesn't work. We needed to call a plumber out anyway, because whoever installed the faucets in the bathtub and sink obviously didn't know what they were doing. In the shower, both hot and cold go the same direction, so that when you try and turn on the shower, that handle bumps into the cold one--not too brilliant.

So now, the shower works (barely) for about 30 seconds, with very little pressure, and then simply stops.

And . . . We need a brand new faucet for the sink, because a) the spout comes out so far over the sink that the water splashes all over the place, b) the handles are completely loose (maybe stripped), and c) the trap doesn't work, so you risk losing your valuables unless you manually place the trap into the drain.

Nothing major, but a hassle nonetheless. This is also what happens when you use a real estate attorney who doesn't follow through on the home inspection. If he had, we could have asked the seller to fix all of these problems beforehand. Now, we're stuck with them, sigh.

A word of advice for anyone buying property in New York: watch your lawyer like a hawk, and make sure he/she does EVERYTHING they're supposed to do. We made a couple of assumptions that we shouldn't have: like our lawyer would do what was required without us having to check on every detail. He was a nice person, no doubt, but there wasn't much follow through or communication.

On tbe positive side, we are making some progress around here. We are putting some items in a storage space in the building--Rachel's keepsakes, mostly--and we got a couple of items in the mail yesterday that we need: a wall-mount pot/pan rack and a couple of cool bookshelves (we bought 2 of the shorter ones, from We also may buy some more wall-mounted shelves by Elfa, because Mary fell in love with this system when we installed it in the closet.

So Mary's goal is to have this place basically done by mid-January: that includes a little painting, putting up some artwork, getting rugs, the whole deal. Wish us luck! As always, we'll keep you posted.

Will post some photos soon of beautiful holiday decorations in New York. Last night we went to a "mall" at Columbus Circle--"mall" because it's technically one but doesn't look like a suburban mall by any stretch of the imagination ( The decorations were lovely: giant ornaments that put on a light show along with the holiday music that was playing (see the photo at top). If you have never been to NYC at this time of year, you must consider a visit. Forget about the cold weather--it's not that bad if you have the right coat, and the city looks positively gorgeous!

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