Saturday, November 3, 2007

When is a movie more than a movie?

When you see it at the AMC Empire near Times Square. OK, so we go to see "American Gangster" at the AMC Empire, which is right off Times Square--which is almost always a madhouse. If you ever see a movie at this theater, allow at least 5 minutes to get from the ticket window to the theater and finally to your seat. No joke! We took escalator after escalator after escalator, and finally made it up to the theater.

So after the movie--Mary liked it more than Jeff did--we exit the theater and have to wait in line not just for the bathroom, but for the escalators that take us down again. So we take escalator after escalator, and just when we think we can see daylight, we realize we have been "escalatored" into some sort of restaurant/casino-type place. We have conveniently forgotten the name ... it was really tacky!

After 2 more escalator rides, we finally saw the doors to the outside world, which if course was madness on a Saturday evening. But it was a welcome sight. Thank God there wasn't a fire or some other disaster while we were in that maze.

We'll stick with some other theaters around town that we have enjoyed much more ...

Tomorrow evening, we see American Ballet Theater at New York City Center: Among other pieces, they are performing a new work set to music by Philip Glass (photo is from that ballet). Can't wait! We have really been enjoying the arts here and plan to make 2008 even more artfully designed. :-)

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