Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surrounded by boxes . . . again

It seems like only yesterday that we were surrounded by boxes as we packed up our belongings and loaded them into a truck ...

Oh, yeah. That would be because it WAS yesterday. Well, almost--just 9 months ago. So back everything goes into the boxes: our books, our dishes, our clothes. This move is a lot simpler, of course. And we're actually hiring someone to move the boxes and the furniture (we'll transport the kitties, computers, TV and the like via a rental car).

Trying not to get too stressed out about it, because we're excited about moving into our new place in Riverdale. At this point, the kitchen and closet renovations appear to be on schedule, so with any luck, we'll be completely moved in by Dec. 1. Will post photos as soon as we have something interesting to show!

Mary's looking at pianos online and planning visits to a couple of stores next month. Thinking a good ol' Yamaha upright, 48-52 inches, will do just fine. It's a good workhorse, and the used ones from the 1980's are priced well and are good instruments.

Gotta buy tickets to some performances soon. Thinking about seeing the Rockettes and also a show called "Fuerzabruta" ( for something way out and different. Check out the video:

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