Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nothing a little plaster won't cure

We went up to the new apartment today because we had to wait for a furniture delivery, and one of the fellows who works in the building, Angel, was going to help us install the Elfa system in the closet (which we purchased at The Container Store).

Tom, or Big T (as he is sometimes called--he's very, very tall), who is the super and our contractor (and a super contractor), had warned us that there were some holes in the walls. We had to have some work done to the electrical system to bring it up to the 21st century. It was still using an old-style fuse box, and now we have circuit breakers (much better!).

Mary was picturing large, gaping wounds in the walls. Yes, there were several holes--one went all the way through the hallway wall and into the closet--but nothing that a little plaster, spackle and paint can't cure.

The furniture arrived right on schedule: dining table, chairs, 2 really cool stools, a leather recliner for Jeff. And the Elfa system for the closet was a miracle. SIMPLE, and very, very functional. LOVE IT. Would highly recommend it. Installation is absolutely foolproof if you have the right kind of drill bit for the type of wall in your closet.

We hit a couple of snags on our kitchen remodel timetable, so our move-in date was pushed back to early December. But that's the way it is. There might be a couple of minor things left to do when we move in--like installing some lights in the kitchen and attaching couple of the cabinet doors, which didn't arrive on time (they are glass)--but we'll be able to live there without worrying about the kitties getting into trouble. There won't be any holes in the walls by then!

Had a nice dinner at a place called EJ's Luncheonette: Good food, fun decor, reasonable prices. Can't beat that.

And for once, our NJ Transit bus was ON TIME! Hard to believe. That almost NEVER happens on the weekend, going from NYC to NJ. We were grateful.

Tomorrow, Jeff was going to ride his bike, but it looks like it might rain ... but the Steelers play the Jets on TV tomorrow afternoon, so the day won't be a waste! Go Steelers! (Sorry ... can't root for the Jets ...)

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