Monday, November 12, 2007

A little Thanksgiving reminiscing

Found some photos on my computer from Thanksgiving 2004, which we celebrated at Jeff's parents' (Alice & Glenn) house in Atascadero.

The group shot also shows Mary's dad, in the blue shirt. He still lives in San Luis Obispo. (Jeff looks like he'd rather be enjoying dinner than having his picture taken!)

Alice, cutting the pumpkin pie, is no longer with us; she passed away in October of 2005, so these photos are from our last Thanksgiving with her. We miss her very much but are thankful for the years she was in our lives. She was a beautiful person in every way.

So many other changes have taken place since then. For starters:

  • Jeff's dad sold the house and remarried (his wife's name is Sharon).
  • Jeff's niece, Sonia, got married and now lives in Germany with her husband, Jason Miller, who is in the Air Force.
  • Longtime Ballinger friend Terry Blankmeyer, who was also at this Thanksgiving, passed away; she was in her mid-90's.
  • Rachel (in above photo, next to her Momma) graduated from high school in 2006 and is now a sophomore at NYU.
  • And of course, Jeff and Mary packed up and moved to the NYC metro area.

This Thanksgiving, we will be surrounded by moving boxes, as the movers come the Saturday after the holiday to take our belongings to our new home in Riverdale. We're still going to have the big ol' dinner, though. We'll just pack the pots/pans at the last minute!

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