Monday, October 29, 2007

What Mary saw today

  • The intricate facade on a building at the corner of 57th Street and 8th Ave.--worthy of a photo (too bad she didn't have the camera)
  • The horses and carriages at Central Park
  • Tourists taking pictures of the horses and carriages at Central Park
  • Two tall, gleaming towers at Columbus Circle
  • Carnegie Hall (a very unassuming building on the outside)
  • A crazy man--literally, crazy--tearing up and down Broadway screaming at people and almost getting hit by a car when he crossed the street against a light
  • Lots of lots of people not too thrilled by the fact that they actually had to bundle up against the cold air for the first time since March
  • Her banged up shin after she tripped and fell against a stair coming up from the subway (ow)
  • Rows of gourmet cheeses, meats and desserts at the corner store near her office (yum)
  • The Empire State building lit in purple and red
  • City lights literally glistening against a perfectly clear night sky

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