Friday, October 26, 2007

10 subway pet peeves

The subway is great. It gets us everywhere we want to go, and it's mostly reliable. Amazingly.

However, we do have a few pet peeves about the beloved MTA subway and its riders:

1) People who take up 2 seats: Either due to their own bulk or their bulky package they set on the seat next to them instead of on the floor.

2) Loud panhandlers inside the subway car: We have only heard 1 of these who seemed legitimate. We still didn't give her any money (are we bad people?).

3) Loud panhandlers who dance, play instruments or sing inside the subway car: You expect these folks in the stations. Inside the subway car, however, they are even more obnoxious. Rarely are they any good, and often they are kids who break dance using a boom box for music--sometimes with guardian-type adults with them, sometimes not.

4) People who step onto the subway car first, knowing there is a long line of people behind them waiting to get on, and they stop right inside the subway car door. This is BEYOND irritating, because the rest of us in line have to figure out a way to squeeze past them into the car before the doors slam shut on us.

5) People who wear backpacks while riding in the subway car. Essentially taking up the space of 2 people, as a result.

6) Schedule changes. On the weekends. Actually, every weekend. Now we know how to read the signs (basically), but we still miss things and wind up being frustrated because we can't take our usual subway to get where we want to go. Visit this site if you want to see what we mean:

7) Homeless people sleeping in the subway car--mostly because of the, um, odor. Guess they don't know that it's a $50 fine if you fall asleep on the subway (it's true!).

8) Rats. We don't see them very often (try to avoid looking for them, truthfully), and we know there's not much more MTA can do about them, but they are majorly creepy. We have seen them on the platform, not just on the tracks. Great material for nightmares ("Willard," anyone?).

9) Dirty subway stations. Most of the stations we use regularly are OK, but some are downright gross--ceilings falling apart, tiles disintegrating. The one nearest our new apartment is in desperate, desperate need of a paint job. We understand they may be planning to install an elevator for handicap access, so maybe they'll decide to paint it at the same time.

10) Pushy people. Who somehow think that if they push hard enough, they will bend the laws of physics when it comes to how many people can reasonably fit into a subway car and still have oxygen.

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