Sunday, October 21, 2007

More entries coming soon!

It's been a busy week, with Mary's relatives visiting us. They went back home yesterday to California. We will post some photos from the week soon ...

Meanwhile, it looks like our escrow is actually going to close this Thursday. Yesterday, we went out with the contractor, Tom, to begin purchasing everything for our new-and-improved teeny-tiny kitchen. Decided to go with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, with granite countertops. We actually are going to the granite supplier in the next week or so to see the piece of granite before we select it. Because we need so little, we may be able to use a remnant from another job and save big bucks on a higher-end granite. Later, we'll add some tile to the backsplash to tie the whole little room together.

Today, we're going to purchase a Murphy bed for Rachel. After a lot of thought, we decided this is the best way for us to make the living room into a bedroom when she's living at home. We're going with a twin-size horizontal unit (opens sideways, so it's not as tall as a more conventional Murphy).

Saw two wonderful performances this week: "A Chorus Line" on Thursday, the London Symphony on Friday. The orchestra was ... truly amazing. Pianist Paul Lewis played a Beethoven piano concerto that was absolutely perfect. After intermission, the orchestra, led by Sir Colin Davis, played Mary's favorite Beethoven symphony, No. 3. Really can't describe in words how triumphant this performance was--the highlight of Mary's year in terms of musical events!

For Halloween, we're thinking of going to St. Paul's church in lower Manhattan to see "Nosferatu" with live organ accompaniment. You may remember this church, as it is right across from the World Trade Center site, and many people placed photos of their missing loved ones along its fence. It also served as a makeshift station for recuperating emergency workers and volunteers. The chapel itself is almost like a mini-museum for the event:

Will write more later!

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