Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

OK, people on the East coast--in NYC, at least--are CRAZY about Halloween. Really, this is is a huge holiday out here. People decorate their houses and basically go nuts with costumes and parties and parades.

Jeff and Mary went down to SoHo tonight to buy the last bits of furniture for the new apartment from Room & Board ( Although we were near the major Halloween festivities, we decided to steer clear of all of it. We saw our fair share of costumes: everything from Abe Lincoln to a guy with an axe stuck in his head. Yikes!

Things seem to be moving along. We did close escrow on the apartment last week, and we are now working on the finer details of the kitchen renovation, like choosing drawer pulls and a faucet. We still have to sort out the closet situation, as it needs help, big time. But the rest of the pieces are falling into place. We still want to buy a piano, but that can wait until we have moved in.

So onward and upward, as they say--well, up to the Bronx, at least.

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