Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun times ahead!

The next week or so is filled with lots o' fun stuff for Jeff and Mary. Mary's sister and brother-in-law arrive for a visit this weekend and will stay for a week. We're planning an itinerary for them and taking part of the week off to join them in their NYC adventures: museums, Central Park, NYU & Columbia tours, and anything and everything else we can think of to cram into 5 days!

The week will also include a Broadway show--"A Chorus Line"--and the London Symphony at Lincoln Center (playing an all-Beethoven program - check out preview video and audio clips). Maybe we'll even squeeze in a second Broadway show ...

However, there's a major rift between the stage workers' union and the producers, it seems. The producers have made what they call a "final offer" to the stage workers' union. If they don't accept it, there's a possibility that the producers will lock out the stage workers--thereby shutting down most of Broadway. Fingers crossed that if they decide to do this, it will be AFTER we have seen "A Chorus Line"!

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