Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally starting to feel like fall

We had a nice rainshower today, with more to come for the remainder of the week, it appears. It was cool enough to wear a real jacket (as opposed to yesterday, which still felt like summer!).

Spoke to a friend in San Luis Obispo tonight who said it has been in the 90s there all week. Climate change? Nah ...

So tomorrow we FINALLY close escrow on our teeny-tiny Riverdale apartment. We have to come up with a name for this place--something suitably noble, like The Riverdale Estate, or The Riverdale Villa. Who says 600 square feet can't be a villa?

One thing we love about living here is that when we read the New York Times, it's actually relevant to our lives. And that proved true today, too, with all the extensive coverage of the fires in California. Seeing the state burn from afar is somewhat emotional, even though the fires weren't near our old hometown. But we have certainly lived with the spectre of fire (and a real one back in the mid-'90s that nearly blazed through Cal Poly). With the hot weather our friend reported, it made us a bit nervous that SLO might be next. Let's hope not.

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