Saturday, October 6, 2007

Awakened by a fog horn

And we don't mean Foghorn Leghorn on Saturday morning cartons.

It must have been a fog horn on one of the cruise ships that routinely floats by on the weekends and docks for the day (it's still sounding off as we write this). We kid you not: it's solid pea soup out there this morning! We can't even see the cars on the street down below. Tuley, anyone?

The fog horn is getting louder--the ship must be passing right by, but it's still invisible to us.

Actually, this fog isn't funny. Last night our friend Linda arrived in NYC, but her daughter--flying in from Boston--did not (at least, not on time). We're hoping her plane was able to take off later in the evening, as it was fairly clear around 8:30. Not sure when this dense air hit Manhattan overnight.

By the way, don't always believe what you read on Right this moment, it says NYC is 67 degrees--with clear skies.

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