Monday, September 10, 2007

Tomorrow's anniversary

Tomorrow is Sept. 11. Tonight, from our apartment, we saw them rehearsing the lighted "towers" down at the World Trade Center site. At least, that's how it looked from here. It's a bit foggy, but suddenly there was a bright white light down in lower Manhattan. Then a few minutes later, it was extinguished. So we guessed it was rehearsal for tomorrow.

NO one is really talking about it--at least not in our immediate circles. Mary will be out of the city most of the day tomorrow; Jeff will be working, as usual. It's supposed to rain all day--no crisp blue sky like that day in 2001.

Anyway, if we can, we'll try and take a picture of the lights tomorrow night, if indeed they are there.

And just as a quick aside, neither of us has any fear at all about living here in terms of terrorist attacks. Frankly, with its nuclear power plant, San Luis Obispo is pretty vulnerable, too. But you can't walk around feeling afraid, you know? Sure, there are lots of ways a terrorist could strike NYC again. But what's the point of dwelling on such negativity, especially when there is so much beauty to be found here?

Like the cute red-headed baby on the bus tonight on Mary's commute home, who played hide-and-seek with another passenger the whole way (what a cutie!). And the woman a couple of days ago who we saw help a blind man find his way through the subway--completely deserting her own plans. Or the gentleman who got off the bus one stop early to help an elderly lady down the stairs and across the street safely.

Those are the things that are worth dwelling on.

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