Friday, September 21, 2007

More friends in town!

Last night, we had dinner with our good friends Vince and Catherine. They are actually in town to celebrate their friend's 50th b'day, so they kindly invited us to the party tonight. We hope to have a good time and maybe make a new friend or two.

So far, it has actually been fairly easy to meet people here. While we are still building our network of friends, of course, we do feel as though we have met some folks who may become good friends, and we have begun to create a social network of sorts. We're not always stuck hanging out with each other! :-)

The big news around here right now is that the president of Iran will be in NYC on Monday and will be making a speech on the Columbia campus. Could be interesting ... or, with any luck, quite a dull event.

The weather has been very nice lately, in the mid-70s or so with little humidity. We're appreciating it while it lasts. With today being the start of Fall, the air will become crisp before long.

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