Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gearing up for the new school year

Rachel starts the fall semester Tuesday, beginning her sophomore year at NYU. She hasn't officially declared her major as Philosophy yet, but she thinks she may do so soon. Her classes this semester are a science class (astromony related), an ethics class related to the environment, an environmental studies course, and French.

So far, things seem to be going fairly well in her new dorm. Unfortunately, she found out through some testing that she is allergic to dust mites and mold. The good news is, it explains why she has had some of the continuing cold symptoms--especially during the winter months. Yesterday, we bought hypoallergenic covers for all of her bedding, to keep the dust mites at bay. And her dorm this year is much newer, so the mold shouldn't be as much of an issue as it was last year.

As for Jeff and Mary, we're trying to take it easy this weekend (especially Mary) but are thinking of going to the movies or a museum today, and maybe Central Park tomorrow--probably along with half of NYC!

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