Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dinner with friends--always a treat

Our friends Len and Katrin have been in NYC all week, and we were able to meet them for dinner last night at a cute French restaurant called Gascogne, in the Chelsea section of the city. The ambience is lovely, and the terrace out back is absolutely charming.

But the best part, of course, was the conversation. Len and Katrin are New Yorkers who moved to the Central Coast about 3 years ago. Jeff met Len through the K-Man bike club there, and they spent many Saturday mornings bicycling on the roads of San Luis Obispo County.

Actually, the two of them had planned to do a ride this morning, but the weather is definitely not cooperating: rain showers and some dark clouds still on the horizon.

So while Len and Katrin did the more "normal" move from east to west, we moved from west to east. Katrin lived for many years in Riverdale, so she's quite familiar with the area we'll be moving to shortly.

We just found out that some other good friends of ours, Vince and Catherine, will be in NYC next week. October will also be a busy month for visitors: Mary's friend Linda and her daughter Kathryn (who graduated from high school with Rachel and now goes to college near Boston), plus Mary's sister Carolyn and her husband Ted.

Fun times ahead!

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