Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The check's in the mail ...

Or at least part of it. All the paperwork has been submitted on the co-op unit--to the lender and to the co-op board. We are waiting for just one last piece of information, but other than that, things look like a "go."

On the design side of things, we have been contemplating the challenges of our new kitchen and how it will be arranged for the best use possible. We're also looking into new furniture to really make our small space functional.

In California, these just aren't issues you normally think of. But in New York City, small spaces are so common, that nearly EVERYONE thinks about how to maximize and economize.

The reality is, you can live with a whole lot less than you're accustomed to. Less space, less stuff, less car (read: none). It's actually quite freeing to rid yourself of old things that, honestly, you don't really need. It's healthy to think about what you purchase. Mary has a deal she makes: whenever she buys a new book, she has to discard (donate) one she already owns. Same with clothing: buy something new, donate something old. Sort of like zero population growth for things instead of people!

Not trying to get preachy here. But asceticism, at least in the extremely moderate way we are practicing it, really does make you think about what you bring into your life. So does living on a budget!

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