Monday, September 24, 2007

The Ahmadinejad Shuffle

One of the top news stories of the day was the president of Iran's speech at Columbia University's World Leaders Forum. I watched it on CNN like lots of other people, since my responsibilities were on the Web, but most of my colleagues were involved shepherding media and others around the event. Kind of an exciting day, even if Ahmadinejad deflected the pointed questions asked of him.

President Lee C. Bollinger did a good job setting the tone challenging Ahmadinejad (see his opening remarks I posted. There were a lot of groups - partisans, mostly - opposed to the visit A CNN poll I saw earlier in the day, however, was slightly in favor of the invitation to speak. One would think from the media coverage leading up to it that the vast majority of people were opposed free speech rights, which the event's opponents minimized with horrifying casualness, as if the First Amendment was a minor thing rather than the foundation this country was built upon.

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