Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A strange phenomenon

Hi: Don't know if anyone's still reading our blog. It's been awhile since we posted. Life has been busy and fun lately!

Anyway, just wanted to write briefly about a strange phenomenon. Since we moved here, anytime there is a crime reported in the national news that took place anywhere in the NYC metro area, people assume that we were affected by it.

I know people know this, but NYC and the surrounding metro area is HUGE! Believe me, if we are ever affected by a crime, you'll know about it! (God forbid.)

Most of the time, I don't even pay attention to these reports. Yes, there was a murder of an NYU student, but her boyfriend did it--a crime that happens several times every day in towns large and small, unfortunately.

Yes, there were the murders of the high school students in Newark: again, a crime that happens in small towns, too.

So far, we have been untouched personally by any crime. Have known people here who have gotten mugged, since we moved here. But fortunately, it's been rare.

We appreciate you worrying about us, but it's not necessary. We are safe, and the city is a lot safer than many people believe.

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