Saturday, August 25, 2007

No, there's no such thing as climate change

OK, so Mary has asked people around here if this weather is "normal" or "typical" for August in NYC--or any other time of year, for that matter.

The answer? A resounding "No!"

Earlier this week, it was pouring rain and downright cold for summer: highs around 60, cooler at night (also unusual). On Tuesday night, Mary wore a sweater and a light jacket and still felt chilly in the evening.

So the weekend arrives, and we look outside--and see nothing! It is COMPLETELY fogged in (I guess it's fog). Can't see a bloody thing.

And to make it worse, the weather report says it's going to feel like 105 degrees when you combine the air temperature with the humidity.

Steam, anyone?

This weather is driving us a bit nuts! It's not the heat and humidity so much as the inconsistency right now that's making it challenging.

As we prepare for Rachel to move back into the dorm tomorrow, we're staying indoors as much as possible: except that we're going to see a double feature of "Rear Window" and "Rope" later this afternoon at Film Forum:

Spooky movies in an air-conditioned theater sounded like a good idea to us ...

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