Friday, August 17, 2007

Niiiiice subway

The three of us met for dinner near Union Square, at a cute French restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien. It's a chain: They have lots of locations in Europe, but in the U.S. are only in NY and LA.

Anyway, afterwards we went to Virgin and then hopped on the N subway line to ride back up to the Port Authority, where we catch the bus.

That was the niiiiiicest NYC subway car we have ever been in. Brand spankin' new. New LED info boards, a snazzy route chart, video alerts from MTA, and man, was it QUIET and smooth compared to the old cars.

They have been doing a lot of work on the subway lines, so this must be the end result. If that's the case, we hope MTA has funding to work on ALL the subway lines!

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debbanderson said...

Wow - Seems like a sweet deal! How many bedrooms is it? Surprisingly good mortgage. What's the catch? It's making me think we live in the wrong place! ;)

Thanks for keeping up with the blog - yes, I am still reading it!

Love you guys, deb