Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hip waders not required

Although news accounts on the West Coast apparently made it seem like New York City had washed down the Hudson River and into the Atlantic, yesterday morning's deluge was somewhat less dramatic.

The lightning and thunder started in the 4 o'clock hour - am - and ended around 7ish, but it left a lasting result. The subways were flooded and not running until around noon. We left a half-hour early but it took an hour to ride a bus from 42nd street to Columbia, some 70+ blocks north. That usually take about 15 minutes by subway. Oh well. We were only about half an hour late to work. Some colleagues from Brooklyn couldn't even get to work and telecommuted instead.

The prediction is or more of the same tomorrow. The MTA seemed completely unprepared for it all and there were no workers directing commuters away from the tunnels until after they had swiped their cards in the turnstiles, depositing their fares. Inside the stations, New York's finest were milling about, apparently wondering where the coffee and donuts were. They were just as useless.

Tomorrow will be a real test of the MTA and Mayor Bloomberg. Will it happen twice in one week?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff~

This is a long and involved Thank You. Bear with me!

I was a teacher in SLO County who couldn't find a full-time, tenured, position in the County. For years I had read your articles in the Trib before leaving town for a full-time position in the Bay Area. (Incidentally, I also worked for the local attorney who drove the petition to recall SLO Coastal school board members a few years back.)

I began following your adventure when you drove away from SLO and have been reading your entries since that time.

My sister, who also grew up in SLO County, now lives in Orange County. When she told me one of her nephews was moving to NYC, I sent her your blog address and now SHE reads your entries, too.

The day after your hip wader entry the nephew in NYC had an interview across town. After reading your entry, my sister telephoned her nephew and advised him to leave plenty of time to get to the interview - to expect delays due to weather.

The long and the short of it: He made it to the interview with time to spare, the interview went well, and he may actually gat a job offer!

We live in a small world. Some touch the lives of others more often. You do that! Your blog does that!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bay Area Teacher

Jeff and Mary said...

You're welcome! (Did he get the job??)