Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting used to controlled chaos

After living here awhile, it seems like we're beginning to get used to the controlled chaos that is New York City. The subways are making sense, and we have figured out alternate ways to commute if our "normal" subway line isn't running, or if the bus breaks down (it's happened more than once), or ...

What's still fascinating--among many other things--are the people who live and work here. Perhaps there isn't a city in the world with this much variety: of ages, nationalities, varying degrees of ability and disability, fashion sense, you name it.

Yesterday, Mary saw a woman get on the subway with a seeing eye dog. How does she do it? Clearly 100 percent blind, she and her dog navigated the underground tunnels with more ease than you could imagine.

And there's the pair of female workers in the Westside Market (Mary loves this place!) who speak not to the customers--one does the checkout, the other bags--but only to each other, in an African language that's probably the most exotic tongue Mary has ever heard.

Every day, the population here presents new and astonishing sights, sounds and, sometimes unfortunately, smells.

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