Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dorm move-in day

This was a busy weekend. Saturday was spent finalizing Rachel's packing to move into the dorm, which she did today.

She lives in a high-rise near Wall Street (about 20 minutes from the main "campus" area of Washington Square Park). This year, she has an apartment-style dorm room, with 2 BR's and 2 BA's. There's also a kitchen and a large living room. The BR's aren't very big, but they offer something incomparable: amazing views!

That's Rachel's bedroom that she shares with a roommate, and no, that's not a poster of the Brooklyn Bridge--that's the view out the window. She and her roommate have the corner room, so they have windows on both sides. They have a wonderful view of the Empire State Building through the other set of windows (it's red/white/blue tonight, by the way!). In the photo on the left, you can't quite see it, but it's there. There's a beautiful domed building close by, and some other wonderful sights out the windows. Think they'll get any work done?

The third photo is the living area--with three large windows overlooking the water/bridges. Not too shabby. We're a bit jealous ... that area of Manhattan is very nice, and relatively quiet. Couldn't hear much of anything from the street, which is a nice change for Rachel: Washington Square Park is a romantic place to live and she enjoyed it last year, but it is L O U D.

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