Friday, June 8, 2007


Fun weekend ahead ... Rachel starts an art class (beginning painting), we're going to see "Ocean's 13," we're headed for Macy's and some shopping, maybe hitting a museum, and Rachel and Mary see a modern ballet Sunday evening.

Weather should be perfectamundo, too.

This week has had some adventures in commuting. On Wednesday, Jeff rode his bike to work and missed the excitement of the bus breaking down on the morning ride into the city (before we got to the Lincoln Tunnel). Mary made a quick decision to hop off and run to the ferry station (it was only about a 5 minute hustle from where the bus went kaput).

Today, for some inexplicable Jersey reason, they were doing unnecessary roadwork during rush hour, so the morning commute was about 15 minutes delayed. Then when Mary went to swipe her monthly Metro card for the subway, it didn't work--so she had to buy a pass for a few rides. Luckily, even with all that, she arrived at work at 9:05. Whew! (The Metro card worked later on ... go figure.)

Jeff wasn't feeling well so went straight home after work, while Mary met up with Rachel in Greenwich Village and had a nice vegetarian dinner at a place called Quantum Leap. Love the Village--it's the best spot in Manhattan (at least, Mary thinks so).

Then it was off to Whole Foods in Union Square for a quick grocery run, followed by a subway trip to the Port Authority bus station and back home via the #123 bus. The trip home was FAST. We left the Port Authority at about 7:40 and were walking in the door at 8 am--even after running BACK to the bus, which was stopped at a stoplight after we got off, to retrieve one of Rachel's bags she'd left behind!

Adventures in commuting ... TGIF!

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