Monday, June 4, 2007

Spring storms, umbrellas and, frankly, too many people

Last night, a storm blew into the city and brought with it quite a bit of rain. Monday evening, things have tapered off, but Tuesday afternoon is supposed to bring another whopper of a storm.

At least the rain has relieved some of the oppressive humidity, so that was a relief.

But these storms cause one major problem: how to walk down the sidewalk with an umbrella. In SLO, it's easy because you see, like, 6 people when you walk down the sidewalk.

Here, you see 6 people every second. And you end up doing an interesting dance--one umbrella to the left, another to the right, one up, one down (Mary is usually going up, since she's taller than most of the people in NYC!).

Occasionally, the umbrellas do their own dance: a quick half spin as one umbrella hits another. A brief twirl that, with any luck, won't lead to a broken spoke.

Frankly, there are just too many people on the sidewalk for everyone to carry an umbrella. So Jeff usually just wears a hat, and Mary opts for a jacket with a hood most of the time.

More water, but far less hassle.

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