Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday in New York

Today was a fun day. Rachel went to her painting class, Mary had some leisure time strolling the quaint streets of Soho, and Jeff came into the city briefly--still not feeling well--but long enough for us to see "Ocean's 13." (It was OK, but not great. Not as fun as it should have been, really.)

Jeff went home to rest (he's still got a bad bug), while Mary and Rachel went back to the art store for more supplies for her class. Then we had a lovely respite at a place called Think Coffee, a small coffeehouse in Greenwich Village that uses fair trade coffee and donates 25 percent of its profits to various good causes.

Then it was a quick trip to a a tiny supermarket next door to the coffeehouse for some pasta fixings, then home on the good ol' New Jersey Transit.

This morning's ride into the city was the fastest yet. Mary and Rachel left the apartment around 8:45 and were in the city just after 9 a.m.!

On another note entirely, Mary was struck by the sight of two homeless people sleeping on a corner in Soho, just steps away from some of the ritziest stores in the city. This is a city of contrasts and, if memory serves from an article in the Times awhile back, homelessness has hit a new record. It's easy to avert your eyes, but you still know they are there--although the homeless in San Francisco seem much more obvious and, perhaps, more plentiful per capita.

Anyway ... Sunday will bring a trip to the Met, perhaps, and in the evening, Rachel and Mary are going to a modern ballet. We'll post a review ...

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