Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker?

Tomorrow at noon, Sarah Jessica Parker is making an appearance at the Manhattan Mall, just a few blocks from Mary's office. She's launching her new clothing line, called Bitten, and is going to do an autograph session.

Mary's going to ATTEMPT to go there, although it probably would have been wise to line up like, oh, now (it's 10:30 pm the night before).

But heck, why not give it a try? Maybe no one else knows about it ...

Yeah, right.

Speaking of fashion, every day is a fashion show in NYC, for better or worse--and it's truly an equal measure of both. Many women dress very, very well. Some men do, too. Others ... well, it's NYC, with as much diversity as you could ever want.

Maybe if Mary buys a few of Sarah Jessica Parker's clothes, she'll look a bit more like a New Yorker. So far, we haven't quite reached that pinnacle--we still look a bit casual Californians!

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