Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quality of life ... post 2 of ?

OK, so awhile back, Mary wrote a blog entry about quality of life in SLO.

Let's start a conversation about quality of life in and around NYC. (This entry will be brief, as Mary has some work to do tonight!)

And, let's start with the positive. A short list to get things going:

  • Amazing access to an arts/music/theater/film scene that is probably incomparable anywhere in the world
  • Educational opportunities galore
  • Museums around almost every corner
  • The opportunity to view what magnificent machines humankind can create in an industrial age (i.e., mass transit and gravity-defying buildings)
  • Stunning architecture

More to come tomorrow ...

OK, here's Jeff's list:
  • Diversity in every way, races, ages, preferences, attitudes, likes, dislikes

  • Our view of humanity from our apartment

  • My job, which involves working with nice people, more pay and better benefits

  • Something going on every minute, so much to choose from, never a dull moment

  • Yes, the mass transit, too

  • The cost of living here is less than SLO, when you factor in the pay increase
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