Saturday, June 30, 2007


This afternoon, all we wanted to do was take a simple trip down to the South Street Seaport area of Manhattan--in the Financial District (near the southern tip of the island).

First, the bus took forever to arrive to pick us up. Normally, we only have to wait maybe 5 minutes max before a bus shows up. Today it was more like 15.

We get to the city OK, but then the subways aren't running properly. And there isn't a sign anywhere telling you that construction is going on, so several lines are actually closed. No, you only find out once you are ON the subway and they tell you the subway is being rerouted and isn't going to your stop!

After many strange subway changes--we probably couldn't retrace our path if we tried--we finally get down to the Seaport area. IT TOOK FOREVER!

We did our errands and then tried to take a subway back up north. No go. Subway stations were closed. So we walked to the Trade Center area and opted for a different subway line, to take us to our old standby restaurant hangout--Greenwich Village--and there, we had a nice vegetarian meal at a place called Quantum Leap.

Then we took our chances and got on the subway again, hoping it would actually take us where we needed to go: the Port Authority, where we catch our lovely NJ Transit bus. Fortunately, it did, and we were able to catch an almost-on-time bus back to NJ.

This was one of those days that took probably 1/3 longer than it should have to do what we needed to do. To top it off, Rachel got blisters from a new pair of shoes, so Mom offered to trade shoes (we wear the same size) so she could walk a bit faster. Nice mom, huh?

Fortunately, it's not always like this. But we have learned that you can't really be in a hurry to go multiple places in one fell swoop, because you just never know if the transit system is going to cooperate with your plan!

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