Thursday, June 14, 2007

The fat lady doesn't sing ...

She's just heavy!

So Mary is on the way home tonight on the bus after having a drink with some work pals. The bus is fairly busy, so a few people are standing. Mary is sitting in a seat that's facing inward--like a bench.

The guy next to her gets off the bus at his stop, and a woman who has been standing decides she's going to take that seat.

One problem: SHE IS TOO FAT TO FIT.

What does she do? She SITS on MARY!

Yes, it's true. She wedges herself in, using the left side of the bench seat to hold her on one side (there's an arm there), and part of Mary's left leg on the other. She was literally sitting on Mary's leg for the rest of the time Mary was on the bus!

Amazing. And yes, she was H E A V Y.

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Vince said...

Chalk up another one for quality of life!