Saturday, June 2, 2007

Adventures in commuting

Two strange incidents this week affected our morning commute -- one more than the other.

First, here's what happens when you ignore the height limits, followed by the sirens and flashing warning lights and people screaming "You idiot!!", at the Lincoln Tunnel--and decide to drive your big rig all the way through anyway.

Fortunately, this mess had been cleared before our bus entered the tunnel around 8:20 or so, although it was a slow go that day (this had to be part of the reason). The truck took hundreds of decorative ceiling tiles with it, by the way.

One word for this guy: DUH!!!!

Then yesterday, Jeff biked to work--the second time he has tried it--and when he arrived at the George Washington Bridge to cross the Hudson River, he was turned back, along with everyone else.


A guy had climbed the bridge and scaled the wires, threatening to jump. He held the cops at bay for 2 hours but was in custody by 8:30 am. Just long enough to ruin everyone's morning commute, including Jeff's--who ended up doubling back to NJ and taking the ferry across.

Sounds like they need to install some sort of barrier on the bridge, don't you think?

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