Saturday, May 5, 2007

Yummy Cuban dinner

Friday night, Jeff's cousin Mary Font, her husband Pedro, and son Pierre treated us to dinner at Victor's Cafe (, a Cuban restaurant--appropriate, since Pedro is from Cuba.

We had a lovely time, and the food was truly delicious. I (Mary) hadn't met Pedro or Pierre before, so it was great to finally talk with them. Pierre is finishing his sophomore year at Swarthmore College and is going to Taipei this summer to study Chinese.

It was too bad Rachel wasn't able to come with us--she is still resting and trying to finish up the semester--because she would have enjoyed talking with Pierre about common interests. Pierre is interested in international issues and is contemplating a graduate degree related to nonprofit management.

Rachel, too, is very interested in nonprofit work: as she likes to say, "working for a cause." Right now, she has been doing a lot of reading about environmental ethics. She had Mom read part of an essay on industrial farming the other night--made Mom want to stop eating beef and chicken completely, which she may actually do.

Because Rachel is studying philosophy (and because she isn't able to go to Africa this summer due to her illness), she's considering a summer abroad next year in Athens. Seems appropriate for a philosophy major! With Jeff's tuition bonus from Columbia, we can have some more flexibility to pay for a summer program; that simply wasn't in our budget before--although NYU is unique in that it allows financial aid/loans to pay for its summer abroad programs (not many universities do).

Here's a link to the program in Greece (for this year): Rachel thought she would take either a class in Greek and then whatever philosophy class was offered, or perhaps philosophy and a class in Greek drama.

To be young again, right?

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