Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Three people, small space

So ... we've been debating whether to put up a temporary "pressurized" wall in the bedroom to create a sleeping space for Rachel, so she's not stuck with sleeping on the sofabed in the living room all summer and when she visits during the school year.

The thing is, if we owned this place, we could make a couple of modifications to the bedroom that would make it easy to add a wall. But as a rental, it's a little trickier. We are going to take some more measurements and sketch it out to see if it might work.

If you have never heard of a pressurized wall, it's a temporary wall--complete with windows and doors--that needs no hardware to hold it in place. It's specifically designed for renters, as it leaves no trace once it is removed.

Here are three places that we may contact:


Anyway, today is a busy day! We're heading out shortly via the ferry--decided to enjoy a bit of luxury this morning--and Rachel will go to her dorm room to study for her final exam this afternoon. After work, Jeff and Mary will meet her there to pack up all of her stuff. Then tomorrow after work, we'll move her home via a Town Car, complete with driver. It's the most cost-effective method of travel around here if you need a private vehicle!

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