Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Purple and white!

Today was NYU's graduation ... so the Empire State Building is lit up purple and white! It looks really cooool ....

We moved Rachel out of her dorm completely this evening. All things considered, it went very smoothly. We hired a driver to come pick us up--in a nice, big SUV--and drive us home. The driver picked us up at 7, and we were home by 7:35.

That's home, but not unpacked! That will take a bit of time, but it's OK. We're not in a hurry. Rachel has one last project to finish, and then she'll be done for the semester. Sick with mono or not, she did extremely well in school. We are really proud of her.

This weekend is Mother's Day, so if the weather is good, we may go to the New York Botanical Garden, up in the Bronx: What's in flower right now at the garden? Lilacs, flowering dogwood, Eastern redbud, some varieties of iris, tulip, and peonies. We'll bring the camera since Mary loves to photograph flowers.

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