Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looking back, looking forward

(This is Mary--hi all.)

A wise friend once told me that instead of always looking ahead at what needs to be accomplished, you need to look back, to see how far you've come.

I have really been feeling that way lately. It seems like I haven't stopped moving since last August. Shall we recap? Take a deep breath ...

First, we got Rachel off to college--no small feat, moving her across the country. Then we spent a month preparing our house for sale, dumping everything we didn't need by literally taking it to the dump or selling it at a garage sale. In October, we listed the house for sale and spent the next several months keeping it super-duper clean and showing it day after day--until someone bought it in January. (Forget the holidays--we barely had time to notice except that Rachel came home for a couple of weeks.)

Then it was a flurry of activity fixing minor house problems and filling out endless paperwork and holding another garage sale and saying good bye to friends and family--and of course, preparing to drive across the country with our three furry kitty friends.

On top of that, Jeff found us a place to live, and then we were off across the U.S. of A. We landed in New Jersey, got the apartment livable, and we both landed jobs. And then Rachel caught mono, was able to finish the semester half awake, and we moved her out of the dorm and into our (very small) apartment.

Are we still breathing? Panting is more like it.

OK, now that I have taken 5 minutes to look back, I'm going to enjoy the present moment--everyone say "Ohm .... ohm ...."--and then look ahead. But only to this weekend, which holds a visit to the lovely gardens I mentioned in our previous entry and, with any luck, a movie and a big box o' popcorn.

Ah ... I feel better now. We have accomplished something, after all. Gives me confidence that we can make big things happen in the Big Apple, too.

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