Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jeff started his new job today!

This is Mary ... I'll let Jeff write a blog entry about his first day at his new job at Columbia. But so far, so good. :-)

After work, we met at Wholefoods Market for a bite to eat, then picked up Rachel at her dorm. She's not moving out of the dorm officially for another week, but she's now at home so she can rest properly and study for her final final (ha ha).

On another note, it's a fantastic experience every day just seeing the variety of people there are in this world--because frankly, New York City feels like it's the world (or a microcosm of it, anyway). From the homeless people who make you wonder how they're still alive, to the fashionably dressed women and suit-smart men ... it's all a wonderful hodgepodge that makes even the morning commute a treat (most of the time).

Today, for example, I saw the Asian woman who's always in the Port Authority terminal right next to the entrance of the 7 subway. She crouches down and lowers her eyes and doesn't say a word. But she's there every day. Even on the weekend.

Then a little while later, I saw a group of women by the entrance to the 4/5/6 lines--two middle aged, two in their 20s--handing out copies of The Watchtower. I wondered if anyone took one.

On the way home this evening, on the subway I saw a man who looked like an actor--not sure if he really was or not--reading from perhaps a Shakespeare play and trying to memorize his lines. He wore a "Law and Order" cap, a nice beige sweater, dark tan pants and snakeskin cowboy boots.

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