Friday, May 18, 2007

AIDS Walk NY is this Sunday.

It's a long link, but it's worth the effort. All three of us signed up to do the AIDS Walk NY this Sunday--a last-minute decision, but we think it will be a great event. Thousands of people participate, and we hope some of you will decide to donate by clicking on the link, above.

Thanks, in advance, for your generosity.

The inspiration to do the walk came first from Rachel and Mary reading Angels in America, the play by Tony Kushner. Then we rented the HBO movie version (we have watched the first half), and all three of us are really enjoying it. It has to do with AIDS, plus a lot of other issues. So Jeff came up with the idea to do the walk this Sunday. We'll take photos and tell you stories afterwards. :-)

Saturday it's a day of errands: grocery shopping (yes, the loooong trek to ShopRite in Hoboken), shoe shopping for Rachel, and whatever else we can cram into a fun Saturday in NYC. The weather is a bit unsteady, but who cares? We're in friggin' NEW YORK CITY! It hasn't lost its lustre yet, despite the plethora of weirdos--or should we say, people who are "different." Mary saw a not-so-attractive middle-aged man yesterday wearing an orange tank top, athletic socks up to his knees, tennis shoes, and pink sequined hot pants. Need we say more?

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