Thursday, May 3, 2007

9 to 5

Work is nice. Beats spending hours in the apartment all day, even with our amazing view. The two words are indelibly linked when referring to what lies outside our window. Each night it's a treat to see what color the lights are on the Empire State Building. Tonight they are the normal white. Last night they were lumniscent green to contrast with the full moon reflecting off the Hudson River:

So far, work is good. People are nice, the work is challenging but has plenty of opportunities for creativity. Nice balance. Course, it's only been two days. Can't complain at all. Mary and I ride together on the 8 a.m. bus that picks up outside our building and get to work before 9 and we get home around 6. Nice to let someone else do the driving. We spend less than $300 on bus/subway passes, which is less than our car insurance, payments, and gasoline back in SLO, not to mention depreciation on the cars (about $200/mo per car, thereabouts).

The weather has turned nice, with temps in the high 60s and low 70s. Here's a scene from Bryant Park, which is next to the NY Public Library, famous for its lion statues. For Ghostbuster fans, it was the scene of the closing battle with ghouls in the sequel.

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