Sunday, April 15, 2007

The windy city?

The wind has been blowin' like crazy during this nor'easter. Just read online that it rained 4 inches in Central Park over a period of 10 hours today, too.

We spent the day indoors, as you might have guessed. We have watched the storm from our apartment on the 18th floor, as the fog and rain have blanketed the Manhattan skyline all day and into the evening. The Empire State Building has disappeared into the clouds. It has been lit up in blue and white to honor Jackie Robinson.

Even though Mary must go to work in the morning, she's not dreading the commute: no driving for her! It's been an adjustment, not having a car, but so far, we're doing just fine--and we like not having the responsibility of maintenance, a car payment, insurance payment, and let's not forget outrageous gas prices.

On another note, Rachel is still suffering the effects of mono, so our goal this week is to help her heal by giving her some good food and drink, and a lot of love and affection.

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