Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What the heck happened?

OK, April showers bring May flowers. No problem. It rained today, but rain is expected this time of year.

But April snow flurries? They might miss NYC later this week, but not by much. The lows are supposed to be down around freezing again over the next couple of days.

And the highs ... well, with the wind-chill factor, they will FEEL like freezing.

And some people think climate change is a myth.

Do we miss the weather in SLO? Absoluely. Are we adjusting? Absolutely. What choice do we have?

Jeff continues to ride his bike on the balcony most mornings (using a trainer system), and one of these days Mary will get up early enough to use the fitness center in the building before she leaves for work at 8 a.m. via the NJ Transit bus.

(By the way, should you ever need to take a NJ Transit bus, always arrive at your stop at least 5 minutes early--if the bus arrives early, it leaves early, too!)

Speaking of flowers, Macy's has its annual flower show for the next couple of weeks. Mary decided to check it out on her lunch hour today--along with half of humanity (crowds galore ... escaping the pouring rain). The flowers are positively lovely, in giant displays over much of the ground floor. Mary touched one, just to make sure it was real!

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Carolyn Thomas said...

Our weather was also cooler today. Remember: you live in a place with 4 definite seasons. It's part of what people love about the East Coast. :>)