Thursday, April 5, 2007

Snow time like the present

Yes, snow fell in the city today, but not enough to stick. Parts of New Hampshire, Vermont and upstate NY got up to a foot, but the flurries fell for only about an hour today. I know because I was trying to ride my bike on the balcony - on a trainer, of course, the balcony's not that big - and I saw the white stuff blowing around when I got in the saddle around 9:30 a.m.

That means, yes, I am still without work. Only been looking for a couple weeks, so I'm not getting too concerned. I do have another interview coming up very soon for a managing editor position. I'll report more on that later. Don't want to jinx it.

We got our new shades up today. Didn't block that beautiful view above at sunset tonight. The shades are a chocolate brown mesh, which we can see through well enough to see detail in the buildings of the skyline, yet blocks out enough light to darken the room enough to see, watch TV, read without squinting, etc. Rachel called tonight from the Empire State Building. She was in line with her cousin Tiffany, a journalism student at CSU Northridge, who's in town visiting.

We're all looking forward to going to the circus Saturday. Ringling Bros. Circus is at Madison Square Garden. Neither Mary nor I have seen them since the 1960s, Mary at the Garden and me at the Anaheim Convention Center. Rachel and Tiffany will be joining us. I'll post photos if they let us take them.

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