Friday, April 13, 2007

Mono, oh, mono

The diagnosis is in: Rachel has mononucleosis.

The hospital discharged her just after 1 p.m. today and we're now home resting comfortably with the kitties. What an ordeal. Fortunately, it was nothing more serious. She'll be out of classes another week and may take several weeks before she feels back to normal. A fairly common illness among college students, we are told.

Anyway, we'll share more more later when we're a bit more rested.


jtarica said...

Mono! Awww, we were expecting something more dramatic. Odds were running even on a cat emergency or the death of a distant relative.

You guys will be interested to know, Beth and I are big fans of the Jeff and Mary blog, she because your adventure sounds fun and she's envious, me because I think you're crazy. :) (Sorry, I'm not a big fan of NY.)

We talk about your latest developments in the newsroom. We're trying to keep the peeps informed.

After this latest cliffhanger, I decided we should get on here so you'd know some of your audience.

Keep up the regular posts!


Jeff and Mary said...

Hey, thanks, Joe! Nice to know we have an audience somewhere out there in blogsville ...